Photographer, airline pilot, mountain biker, snowboarder & travel junkie.  That pretty much sums it up. From local mountain landscapes to far off captures half way across the world, I simply love capturing the best images possible of the places I travel. 

Inspiring others to travel, experience new things and see the world as a shared place is a big driver behind creating my work. I currently utilize a mixture of both digital & film cameras including Fuji, Pentax and Mamiya brands to produce my images.

My clients and published work include: Lonely PlanetDirt Rag Magazine, CNET, IFR Magazine, CBS, The Times Group India, Axel Springer, Al Jazeera, Road 2 Victory, HERA Foundation, Friday Magazine (Dubai), The Daily Camera, Steve Peat Syndicate North America, Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol, Community Cycles, Namaste Solar, Domestique Sports & New West Online Magazine.

I am also a proud contributor to Getty Images.