A project complete. Year in review 2011.

Phew, I finally put the finishing touches on my year long '365' project last week.  I started out, like many photographers hoping to get a photo-a-day for all 365 days in 2011, but it just wasn't to be.  I believe I made it about 125 days or so until I noticed the quality of the project was suffering a bit.  Not to mention 2011 was an exceedingly busy year so the time constraints weren't helping much either.  So I switched to a photo-a-week format and was much happier with the pace and outcome of the images. For those wondering, I used a variety of cameras for this project including Nikon D300, Nikon D200, Nikon P7000, Olympus TG-610, Sigma DP1s and the trusty Apple iPhone 4.  In the end, it was a rewarding and challenging experience and it certainly served its purpose by pushing me to be creative on a regular basis.  I definitely feel my skills and creative eye have both improved from this project.

So here are six of my favorite images from the project.  The full set can be found here on Flickr!

#1 - Just too funny to not like! [Sigma DP1s]

#2 - Great example of why the best camera is the one you have with you.  [iPhone 4]

#3 - One of my favorites from all of 2011, Rapid City, South Dakota [Sigma DP1s]

#4 - Another favroite, taken in Chicago [Sigma DP1s]

#5 - This gentleman was putting it all out there to the passerby in Quito, Ecuador. [Nikon D300]

#6 - The final image of the project and the beginning of a new one.  Watch for more of this little guy's adventures in 2012! [Nikon P7000]