Two Days in Paris

As an airline pilot, I'm quite fortunate to get to see the world on the cheap and often on short notice.  So when the opportunity comes to make even a short holiday somewhere fun who am I to say no?  My wife and I happened to have 4 days off together recently and since the snowfall at home in Colorado had been mediocre we decided to skip snowboarding that week and fly somewhere instead.  So off to Paris it was. I once again used my ethos of packing light and brought along my minimum kit, although this time I did bring my prime Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens.  I'm unsure of what's easier, having two weeks to make great images or having a shortened time span of about 55 hours on the ground.  After getting home and sorting through my images, I was fairly pleased with the results.  I hope you are too!