25 | 365

Reaching for the abstract tonight - my bottle of water back-lit by my reading light on the control yoke.

13 | 365

So guess where I was working at today?  Well, it rhymes with CoffeeBucks if you don't recognize the roast being advertised in the reflection.  Around home and even on the road I prefer to frequent local businesses as much as I can.  However, when on the road sometimes that big coffee chain is the only option nearby the hotel.  And you know what?  It isn't so bad after all.  For being such a large corporation, they do take care of their employees and have made some big strides in offering more fair trade & organic coffees.  Given the choice I'll still opt for the local coffee house, but otherwise these guys aren't so bad.

Coffee = good.

Embracing Social Media

I am happy to announce easier ways to keep up with my photographic hijinx, shenanigans and endeavors!  There are now Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and RSS buttons right on my homepage for easy following.

Also once you get into those nice looking galleries, there are individual buttons for quick sharing via Twitter or Facebook.  Simply click on your favorite social media outlet and share your favorites with the world!