The Buzz

So as part of my ongoing North Americana Project, I was out shooting in Quebec City on a gorgeous late summer afternoon the other day.  I found this bumble bee doing its thing and suddenly found myself wishing I had a true macro lens with me.  I only had my Sigma 18-50 f/2.8 along and alas it would have to do.  After a little cropping a pretty nice shot ensued!

Rocky Mountain Wildlife

So I had the chance to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park last week and have a go at some local wildlife.  I have always said I will never take living in Colorado for granted, but have realized we haven't been to RMNP nearly enough.  It is a truly wonderful place to have right in our backyard and we are fortunate to be able to take a day trip so easily.  Our photo mission turned out pretty good, but nothing I will be submitting for publication anytime soon.  I am hoping to get back to the park soon for some better opportunity.  So without further ado...