San Francisco

One of the perks of my job is getting to spend some time in some great places. Recently I had a long San Francisco layover, so I thought I would bring the camera along and do some shooting as well as some scouting for future trips. I doubted I could get any truly wonderful shots on this trip since I was traveling quite light with my D40x and 18-50 Sigma F/2.8 and a gorilla pod. But I went out on a mission nonetheless and had a great day getting to know the city.  I ended up with 7 miles worth of walking on the legs that day, and some decent shots along with some great ideas for next time I am in town! Here you go... Pier 7 near downtown.

Pier 7 once again looking back toward downtown and Transamerica Pyramid. I liked the couple walking leisurely walking away and just enjoying the morning as I was.

One more from Pier 7, lots of opportunities here! Some locals were already out and getting some fresh fish for the day.

I wonder if the bird wishes he could make contrails sometimes.

Don't get much of a chance to see many blooming flowers just yet in Colorado!

Being from the Midwest originally and now living in Colorado, I haven't spent much time around boats and maritime activities.  I am always fascinated by coastal cities!

Tools of the trade.

And I thought Colorado had some steep hills ;)

Chinatown goodies.

Fish anyone?

Chinatown offers no shortage of shooting opportunities. I look forward to getting back and exploring more!

Waiting for the train.