Fresh Dirt!

Well, not super fresh to be perfectly honest.  The Benjamin Loop Trail has been open at Betasso Preserve in Boulder for awhile now but it was the first time my buddy Drew and I got up there to ride it.  Riding fresh dirt is always a pleasure and the Benjamin Loop didn't disappoint.  With fun singletrack, steep exposure just off trail, and a bridge crossing that feels more rain forest than high desert it is a great addition.  One former complaint about riding Betasso (especially if you didn't ride from town) is that it was too short.  Now with this trail open a full 'loop' of the two loops is just over 7 miles.  Mix it up how you like but it is certainly a lot more fun to ride now.  With the anticipation of a new connector trail opening from Four Mile Canyon this fall, this is going to be an ever better ride soon!

Drew enjoying the new loop! [Nikon P7000]