The Best Camera?

There is an old adage in photography that goes, "the best camera is the one you have with you".  I happen to fully agree.  Not that I want to shoot with a 'lesser' camera all the time, but sometimes the one you happen to have with you will have to do.  Over the last few years, like many of you out there, my cell phone has been equipped with a camera.  Mine happens to be an Apple iPhone, which has enjoyed ever increasing camera quality and usefulness via handy apps as each new model comes out.

Fishin' with the Mrs. [Apple iPhone 4]

And handy it has been!  Admittedly some of my favorite captures have come from my iPhone.  Of course I wish I would have had one of my Nikon SLRs for these moments, but alas it wasn't so.  Does that mean its a bad picture or I shouldn't take it?  Heck no!  Sure, I can't blow it up for a large print but a picture is a picture.  If you happen to catch a timeless moment with your camera phone, better captured than not I say.

Over the last few years I have indeed captured a great many fine shots and have begun to assemble them in a new project.  Many of which can be found here in my newest online gallery.  Click here to see the full gallery!

So next time you see a great photo opportunity, don't pass it up!  Stop and snap that photo with whatever camera you have in hand.  Even if the quality is lower than you'd like, you'll still be glad you captured it.  With handy apps such as Camera+ for the iPhone, you can enhance your photos to your creative content.

Angry Cloud [Apple iPhone 4]

Stay tuned for more articles with an upcoming how-to for enhancing your cell phone shots and getting the most out of your advanced point & shoot camera.  In the meantime, don't let your lack of a 'better' camera keep you from snapping that shutter!