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Disclaimer: this week's photo hasn't an ounce of technical nor artistic photographic merit.  Zip. Nada. Nothing.  It is however quite special in a different way.  You see, it is a capture of my very last commute to work for hopefully a very long time.  Beginning next week I am officially based back home in Denver with my airline.  No more commuting nearly 900 miles each week to Chicago and worrying if I'll make it to work or not.  Nor will there be anymore racing through the airport on my last day of a trip hoping to catch the last flight home to Denver.  From now on, I simply get to enjoy my 45 minute drive to work instead of my minimum 4 hour commute for the last 4 1/2 years.  Time to live the good life now and this photo captures well over 4 years of anticipation.  So perhaps it does have some merit in it somewhere, sometimes those small snapshots in our lives make for very memorable moments.  And memorable this one was. I can now welcome myself back home.