Shiny New Website

"She's a beaut, Clark" I'm happy to announce my brand new shiny website with lots of bells & whistles!  I've been wanting to complete a fresh redesign & feel for quite some time and have finally made good on it.  So take a look around let me know what you think.

With easy to navigate gorgeous galleries, full blog integration (you're reading it!), social media integration, search engine optimization, etc., this new site offers quite a lot for both you & me.  I did have to sacrifice elegance for some functionality however, the site isn't mobile friendly just yet and my print & image sales are not contained within the site.  To purchase images, customers are directed to my sales portal through SmugMug.  The sales site will have a different look & feel, but rest assured it's 100% my site and fully secure.

Old Galleries & Links

One thing to note, due to the website switch if you are a client or looking for an event that I have covered in the past your old links to the galleries may no longer function.  Simply contact me and I'll be happy to help you navigate back to the gallery or event you are looking for.  If you still have the old link you may also simply replace text in the URL address to land in the same gallery.  For instance, what used to be...       is now...

Simply replace 'nicklasurephotography' with 'nl-photo.smugmug' and you'll be taken right to the gallery on my sales site.  I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.

Wrapping Up

Thanks again to all my loyal customers and fans!  I believe I'm done playing 'website developer' for awhile and can now get back to what I love most.  Making & sharing great photos.