A Reflection on Greece

Since the economic and civil unrest in Greece began a few years ago I've been quite keen on getting to Greece to explore.  Curious to see a country after a somewhat unprecedented event in our modern times, my mind was wondering how such a wonderful country would bounce back after and during tough times.

Please enjoy this short photo essay on the beauty and a bit of grittiness of Athens & Santorini. 


A lot of Greeks seemed pretty upbeat despite the hard times that still persist in the country, this taxi driver appeared to be enjoying a good contemplative cigarette.  

Locals awaiting the metro in Athens

Evidence of the Greek economic troubles was visible everywhere.  Pictured are new houses awaiting work to restart.  Or not.

Visitors check out the exhibits at the new Acropolis Museum

The Donkey Man & His Pace

Dinner Awaiting to be Served

Guard Dog

A classic view of Santorini in the early morning.

The beauty of Oia was simply astounding.  

Photo Lego Dude of course has to make an appearance!

So in the end, we witnessed a country that is in a transformation and trying to find it's former glory.  With unemployment hovering 24% it felt good to spend some money there and help the local economy.  As usual during our travels we do our best to spend our money in local businesses and avoid paying our euros to large corporations.  Seemed a bit more appropriate this trip more than ever.