Crested Butte with my Fuji X-T1

Along with other photographers around the world, I've recently decided to ditch my DSLR kit and switch to a mirrorless, or CSC/ILC setup. After much research and internal debate I ultimately decided on the Fuji X-T1 after a brief rental & test period proved it was worthy.

As a photographer who travels a quite a bit (or am I frequent traveler who takes lots of photos?) I wanted a camera kit that was light, compact and yet didn't compromise on image quality. Fuji's flagship X-T1 with their impressive lineup of sharp and high quality lenses honestly made the switch from my Nikon DSLR kit a comfortable decision. I'll plan to write a more thorough review with real world thoughts soon. For the moment, I'll let one of my first images shot with the X-T1 speak for itself.