Montana & My Fuji

A few weeks back as I sipped my coffee driving east toward a sunrise location on the snowy backroads of Montana I came to sudden realization. I was about to celebrate one year of making images with my Fuji X-T1. The last year of making images with my new camera system has been a bit of a revolution and creative awakening. As I've mentioned before, I was a bit nervous about switching camera systems from the more traditional digital Nikon DSLR that I had been shooting for a decade. It had served me well, but the bulk and heavier weight were starting to wear me down for my travels. As I started to research lighter weight systems I realized the mirrorless technology has come a long way and performance specs were up to snuff with DSLR for a fraction of the weight and bulk. 

This last year has proven I can get the images I want with a far more portable and lighter system. In fact, for this trip to Montana I didn't even carry a camera bag. I simply put my Fuji XT-1, Fuji 18-135mm and Rokinon 12mm lenses in my standard Timbuk2 messenger and called it a day. My tripod fits nicely into my standard rollerboard bag and a few other accessories such as filters, extra battery & charger fit easily as well. 

My Fuji XT-1, filters & accessories fit nicely in my daily messenger.

Tripod, filters, charger & accessories snugly fit into my rollerboard bag.

I usually carry a small point & shoot (Nikon or Sigma) with me each week when I travel, but I've realized I can easily throw the much more capable XT1 with a single lens in my bag instead for virtually the same amount of space. Though it isn't quite the 'everyday carry' camera either. I'm looking forward to another big year traveling with my Fuji system and making some great images. Have you changed your camera system or thinking about it? Comment below and let me know what you think!


Photo Lego Dude checking out the surrounds.

Goodnight to a hazy Helena.