Mountain Selfie

Finally home for a brief respite from training with my new airline, I was able to explore some fall colors last week in the mountains west of Boulder. The funny thing about planned photo walkabouts is that they don't always turn out as planned. While I was able to capture some decent fall colors, one of my favorite images ended up being an 'accidental selfie', in black & white no less.

Just as I had parked near the top of Rollins Pass, I looked over at a rock out-cropping and realized it would be a great shot if I had someone to model for me. Alas, it was just me at the top of the pass all alone. dare I forget! I have a tripod & technology! 

I utilized the very useful Fuji iOS app that pairs nicely with my X-T1 over a WiFi connection to control my camera about 30 feet away or so. WiFi on a camera always seemed a bit of a gimmick as I've mentioned previously but it has come in handy on several occassions. 

So there you have it, I envisioned, shot and modeled for my own shot on a whim. Thanks Fuji!