82 | 365

In essence, this is actually a picture of failure.  Yep, for the first time in 82 days I failed to take a picture of any sort whether it has artistic merit or not.  Nada, zippo, nothing.  So I am doing double duty today and playing a bit of catch up.  Both 82 & 83 will be from today, March 25 and unfortunately once again from my iPhone.  I'm finding this little project of mine is a bit more work than I first suspected.  Especially after long days of work and little motivation to even pull out the camera phone for a not-so-artsy shot. Nonetheless, this has been a fun exercise so far and it has at times pushed me to take better compositions and dedicate more time to my work of choice. I also just recently grabbed two new camera bags, a Lowepro Slingshot 102 and a Crumpler Six Million Dollar bag, both of which will help me bring along my fancier cameras with me on trips to support my photographic endeavors.

So for now I present 'yesterdays' pic #82 from what we call ACARS on our aircraft.  A minor glitch in the reporting of our flight times made it appear we invented the ability to teleport today.  It actually shows our flight time as zero after we arrived at our destination.  Possibly might have had something to do with my sub-par landing, but that is neither here nor there.

So while some days you may be stuck with seeing some bland camera phone shots, stay tuned for more as the warmer months approach and I get outside for some hopefully high quality goodness.  Cheers-